Growing up on the lower east side of Manhattan, all four of us attended Corlears Junior High School 56, where we began our “Double Dutch” legacy.

The first year we competed as a Double Dutch team, we came in second place. We approached the following year with a solid commitment to this activity with intensity and rigor.  The year was 1979, and wouldn’t you know it; we came in first place. This impressive victory attracted the attention of the McDonald’s Corporation.  Their proactive involvement in the community allowed us to participate in their commercial marketing campaigns not once but twice. The two commercials we had a “starring role” in were titled  “McDonald’s Jump Rope Theme” in 1980, and “Menu Chant” in the same year.

Not only were we first-place champions in the competition, but we were also the country's first Professional Double Dutch team. Being the first of its kind back then allowed us to travel throughout the United States and Europe, delighting audiences worldwide with our skills and talent while generating an overall interest in the sport of Double Dutch.

We were also featured in the 1981 Emmy Award-winning documentary  “Pick Up Your Feet” showcasing the collective talents of Jumpers across the country. That said, one of our goals has always been to see the sport of Double Dutch become a competitive athletic discipline in the Olympic Games on a global stage. For now, we continue to teach future generations of Jumpers.

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